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Pine Winds Press is dedicated to the study of the life force and the soul whether they show up in practices to heal the worlds and the beings in them, ways to live your life better, or even strange creatures that can’t be explained by physical reality. We welcome everyone who comes with a desire to mix their joys, sorrows, and discoveries to gain wisdom.

We All Have Souls and I Think We Can Prove It

Tom Blaschko

We are connected, one to another, in ways that the physical world can’t explain. We often know when someone is staring at us. Enough children remember previous lives to suggest reincarnation happens sometimes. People see ghosts and angels. Mothers save children by lifting cars off them. St. Teresa of Avila floated in the air in full view of dozens of witnesses. They usually could hold her down, but not always.

It’s not one thing. It’s everything all together that shows that we all have souls. And that’s what this book does — puts everything (well, a lot of things) together to show that souls are the best explanation for what we experience. Continue reading “We All Have Souls and I Think We Can Prove It”

Witnessing Bigfoot: Flesh and Blood, Native American Legend, or the Devil Himself?

Glen Boulier

Glen Boulier’s many personal encounters with Bigfoot led him to investigate the phenomenon. He spent years researching the stories, the legends, the speculations. He questioned individuals about their own particular experiences and interviewed researchers, Native Americans, hunters and trackers, and forestry workers. He examined the written accounts and listened to opinions from many sides of the debate. He studied Bigfoot from as many angles as he could, trying to understand exactly what he and so many others have seen with their own eyes. Is it a spirit? Is it a flesh and blood animal? Is it the devil?
This book is the record of Glen’s own quest. He presents his vast collection of information objectively, and then submits his own conclusion for consideration. Now it’s your turn to read the accounts and decide for yourself: What exactly is Bigfoot? Continue reading “Witnessing Bigfoot: Flesh and Blood, Native American Legend, or the Devil Himself?”

How to Cook a Bigfoot

Ray Crowe

Who doesn’t have a hankerin’ for a little Bigfoot on a Spit or some Braised Skookum Paws?

Join Ray Crowe, one of the top 100 Bigfoot researchers in the world, with his book full of Bigfoot lore about 17 versions of Bigfoot from all over world (plus dozens of local names and variations). Every location comes complete with scrumptious recipes from around the world – 60 in all. And each recipe matches the local cuisine of the region being described. (Substitutions for Bigfoot meat are offered, of course, because Bigfoot meat just isn’t always available.) Continue reading “How to Cook a Bigfoot”

Lessons of the Inca Shamans, Part 2

Deborah Bryon

In Lessons of the Inca Shamans, Part 2: Beyond the Veil, Deborah Bryon continues the story of her personal journey which led her to the mountains of Peru to study under the indigenous Inca shamans. Descendants of the original medicine people of the Andes, the shamans are guided by an ancient prophecy to pass on their central teachings of the interconnectedness of all creatures (ordinary and spiritual) and our connection with Pachamama (Mother Earth). Continue reading “Lessons of the Inca Shamans, Part 2”

Bigfoot in New Jersey

William Matts

Since the 1894 report that a “Wildman” with a club was seen traveling through Morris County, strange creatures resembling Bigfoot have been reported in New Jersey. The Pine Barrens, 1.1 million acres covering parts of seven different counties and 22% of the entire state, has been a rich source for glimpses of the legend. Many other parts of the state have been visited by Bigfoot as well. In this book WR Matts documents 68 of these recorded sightings from all across the Garden State. Continue reading “Bigfoot in New Jersey”

Calculating Soul Connections

Tom Blaschko

When you read Calculating Soul Connections, you will understand more about yourself and your connections to everyone around you.
This book ties together four important concepts:
1. We all have souls.
2. Souls are divided into parts and each part performs a different function.
3. Beyond the four physical forces, there is a life force.
4. Souls use the life force to power themselves and connect with other souls.
Each of these concepts has been around for a long time. Continue reading “Calculating Soul Connections”

Lessons of the Inca Shamans, Part 1

Deborah Bryon

The journey began by working with Amaru the powerful snake of the lower world. It continued with Chocachinchi the commanding jaguar of the middle world and Apucheen the great condor of the upper world The Q’ero shamans connect to these beings with soul regions in the Belly, Heart, and Mind.
The Inca shamans have the task of healing their communities and preserving the energy pathways of Pachamama (Mother Earth). They are reaching out to others Continue reading “Lessons of the Inca Shamans, Part 1”

Introduction to Karate-Do

Michael Mantz and Tom Muzila

The book is focused toward beginning students of Shotokan—Ohshima Karate. It covers basic history, how to acquire the proper attitude toward practice, and karate’s foundational structure. Proper forms of the hand, striking, kicking, and blocking are addressed. Forms (katas) and sparring or fighting (kumite) are explained at a level appropriate for the beginning student.
All the information educates students on important facets related to a strong understanding of karate fundamentals and the deeper elements of karate’s true nature. Continue reading “Introduction to Karate-Do”

The Subconscious, the Divine, and Me

Joseph Drumheller

The Subconscious, the Divine, and Me provides an honest, accessible, and practical guide into deeply connecting with yourself and the Divine. It’s filled with lots of great exercises to jumpstart your spiritual journey, especially for beginners.
Through six lessons, Joseph Drumheller leads us from the pain we feel to the ability to take action and create better lives. Continue reading “The Subconscious, the Divine, and Me”