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About Pine Winds Press

Pine Winds Press is dedicated to the scientific study of the Life Force.

Currently physics recognizes four forces: electromagnetic, gravitational, strong atomic, and weak atomic. Many things are explained by these four forces, but other things are not. We believe that many of the experiences not covered by the four forces can be explained by adding a fifth force, which we call the life force.

Some, although certainly not all, of the phenomena that are not easily explained with the four conventional forces are the ki (or chi) found in martial arts, premonitions, and telepathy. It is possible that being such as faeries, ghosts, angels, and devils may be manifestations of the life force. Maybe UFOs, crop circles, and the cryptological animals such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster are also ways some people experience the life force.

Topics on the site include: reproducible experiments that can be performed to study the life force, discussions of the theoretical underpinnings of the life force, discussions of how the life force interacts with other forces, and descriptions of the life force which may lead to theoretical development. The resource section provides contact information, papers, and books that discuss aspects of the study of the life force.

Skeptics and believers are both welcome, but they must understand that there is a good chance that neither extreme will provide us with the most workable ideas.


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Featured Books

Bigfoot in New Jersey
WR Matts

Since the 1894 report that a "Wildman" with a club was seen traveling through Morris County, strange creatures resembling Bigfoot have been reported in New Jersey. The Pine Barrens, 1.1 million acres covering parts of seven different counties and 22% of the entire state, has been a rich source for glimpses of the legend. Many other parts of the state have been visited by Bigfoot as well. In this book WR Matts documents 68 of these recorded sightings from all across the Garden State.

In addition, he provides three comprehensive reports about his own research in High Point State Park and Wharton State Forest. Matts explains his personal methodology, the success of which led him to encounter one eight-foot creature at the Godfrey Bridge Campground in the Pine Barrens.

Other chapters of the book discuss how studies of Bigfoot are evolving with the realization that these intelligent creatures can avoid current research methods such as camera traps and call blasting. Recent reports of long-term habituation experiences seem to point in the direction of using Bigfoot's natural curiosity as a more effective way to make contact.

More Information about the book

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Lessons of the Inca Shamans: Piercing the Veil
Deborah Bryon

Deborah Bryon describes her experiences through the first four years of lessons and initiations she received from Inca shamans in Peru. The central teachings the shamans now wish to pass on to Western culture include the interconnectedness of all creatures (ordinary and spiritual) and our connection with Pachamama (Mother Earth).

The book contains Dr. Bryon's personal journey. Her struggles to live in both the ordinary reality of a day job and the non-ordinary reality of a quest for shamanic understanding are described with clarity, insight, and appropriate amounts of self-deprecating humor. Along with her story, she analyzes her quest in the context of Jungian theory and, at the same time, explains how her journey includes aspects beyond the usual boundaries of Jungian thought.

More Information about the book

Visit the Lessons of the Inca Shamans website

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The Subconscious, the Divine, and Me: A Spiritual Guide for the Day-to-Day Pilgrim
Joseph D. Drumheller

Joseph D. Drumheller has been practicing the art of healing since 1991. From 2003-11, he worked extensively with cancer patients at the PeaceHealth Cancer Center in Bellingham, WA. His mission lies in helping people overcome all forms of suffering and to learn how to connect to Divine presence.

Through six lessons, Joseph Drumheller leads us from pain we feel to the ability to take action and create better lives.
1. Pain Leads to Suffering
2. Suffering Leads to Awareness
3. Awareness Leads to Healing
4. Healing Leads to Awakening
5. Awakening Leads to Development
6. Development Leads to Action

More Information about the book

Visit Joseph Drumheller's website

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Calculating Soul Connections
Tom Blaschko

Discover life force and chakras - then everything we do starts to make more sense.

This book ties together four important concepts:

  1. We all have souls.
  2. Souls are divided into parts and each part performs a different function.
  3. Beyond the four physical forces, there is a life force.
  4. Souls use the life force to power themselves and connect with other souls.

All of the concepts have been around separately for a long time. When they are combined, they form a powerful new model that revolutionizes the way we think about the world and our place in it.

More Information about the book

Visit the Calculating Soul Connections website

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Introduction to Karate-Do
Michael Mantz and Tom Muzila

The book is focused toward beginning students of Shotokan-Ohshima Karate. It covers basic history, how to acquire the proper attitude toward practice, and karate's foundational structure. Proper forms of the hand, striking, kicking, and blocking are addressed. Forms (katas) and sparring or fighting (kumite) are explained at a level appropriate for the beginning student.

All the information educates students on important facets related to a strong understanding of karate fundamentals and the deeper elements of karate's true nature. It includes not only the practice and training of karate, but also principles that can be directly applied to achieve a more successful life.

More Information about the book

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Iron Ball, Wooden Staff, Empty Hands
Caylor Adkins

Caylor Adkins uses three complementary modalities to teach you how to improve your structure, flow, and maneuver in any style of martial arts practice. The bottom line: Hitting harder without power.

Adkins has over 50 years of rigorous training with a bias for studying realistic combat. He has always sought broadly based sources of martial arts understanding for himself and his students beyond his original training in Shotokan Karate. His criterion is that the ideas really work. Some of the sources included in the book include:
* Ball and staff forms from Chinese masters
* Western boxing
* Russian Systema empty arm techniques
* Stick work from Balintawak Cuentada Escrima
* Experts in body structure and connection: medical physiologists, external martial arts styles, Ida Rolf structural integration, and Lu Wen Wei’s four-center (tantien) model
* Chi flow models from internal martial arts styles

The goal of the book is to transmit Adkins’ martial arts understanding to improve the technique and combat ability of his readers. He uses basic techniques, forms, and combat drills in three complementary modalities (iron ball, wooden staff, and empty hands) to explain:
* Structure: integrating the whole body and spirit to hit harder with less wasted power
* Flow: using breathing, chi, and movement initiators to move quickly and efficiently
* Maneuver: defeating a dangerous opponent by understanding focus, critical edge, disruptive techniques, and centering

More Information about the book

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Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual
Robert W. Morgan

Robert Morgan teaches you how to have a personal encounter with a Forest Giant (Bigfoot). There are clear instructions for finding the best place to search for the Forest Giants, what you need to do to prepare yourself, and how to react when you have your encounter. Robert also shares some of his successes and failures... and a bit of personal philosophy, too.

The book is available in paperback and In Robert Morgan's own voice on two CDs. The books and CDs are not exactly the same and we recommend you buy both.

More Information about the paper book

More Information about the audio book on CDs

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Visits from the Forest People
Julie Scott

Julie Scott and the rest of the Scott family report on their experiences in Western Washington while sharing the forest surrounding their home with a group of Bigfoot, which Scott calls Forest People. The reports include several sightings and other evidence, interactions between the Scott family and the Forest People, and, amusingly, Bigfoot’s uncanny ability to avoid being photographed despite the extensive efforts of a team of Bigfoot researchers.

More Information

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Bigfoot in Georgia
Jeffery Wells

Jeffery Wells explores the mystery of Bigfoot in Georgia from the earliest Native American legends through the latest Bigfoot hoax. He reports on encounters throughout history, the Elkins Creek cast, and the fascinating people who are searching in Georgia today for clues about the elusive creature.

More Information

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Soul Snatchers: A Quest for True Human Beings
Robert W. Morgan

From 1972 to 1990 Robert W. Morgan journeyed across America and to Russia to meet with Native Americans, a Tibetan lama, Bigfoot researchers, and legends of the Old West. In this book he reports on the relationship between Native American legends, Tibetan beliefs, the modern phenomenon of Bigfoot and UFO sightings, and why the legends are important in understanding modern American culture

More Information

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Valley of the Skookum: Four Years of Encounters with Bigfoot
Sali Sheppard-Wolford
Foreword by Autumn Williams

A four-year story of ongoing encounters between the author, Sali Sheppard-Wolford and a group of Bigfoot that played in her yard and thunderously walked by her house in the dead of night.

In addition to the Bigfoot encounters, Sheppard-Wolford describes her spirit journeys with the Indian guide, Dream Walker, and investigations of other strange phenomena near Orting, including an old UFO crash where the old newspapers reporting the crash have mysteriously disappeared and spirit lights that appeared on the ridge above the river.

More Information

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Bigfoot Casebook Updated: Sightings and Encounters from 1818 to 2004
Janet and Colin Bord

The classic Bigfoot book of the 1980s updated with more stories and pictures of Bigfoot sightings and Bigfoot hunters. The Bords take a Fortean view of the topic by presenting the evidence and letting you draw your own conclusions. There's more about Bigfoot and other Bigfoot sites here.

More Information

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Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld
Patrick Harpur

A brilliant look at the phenomena that mystify us, bringing together diverse areas such as fairies and UFOs, crop circles and skeptics, devils, angels, shamans, and witches. This is a wonderful book for those of you who are looking for more than another list of haunted houses or mundane ghostly tales.

Harpur says that we do not live in a purely physical reality, as many Western scientist would have us believe. Instead there is another side to our lives that Harpur calls daimonic reality. It makes room for many of the things that we know exist, but choose to ignore because we have been told they are "impossible." Putting the two realities together will make our world whole again and let us move on toward deeper understanding of the events Harpur calls daimonic.

Harpur weaves his thesis with wit and ingenuity, combining ideas of Carl Jung, the Gnostics, the Romantic poets and writers with his own insights to show us what is possible if we allow ourselves to experience our world daimonically.

 An interview with Patrick Harpur on Where Did the Road Go?    

 More Information on the Book    

Other Resources

The Internet Sacred Text Archive
Maintained by John Hare

"This is a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship." Hundreds of public-domain sacred texts are archived here. "Sacred" is given an unusual definition at times because the books archived include two by Charles Fort and at least one on UFOs along with more expected books on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Native American culture, and other religions and traditions. These books are also available on CD-ROM.

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