The Subconscious, the Divine, and Me

Joseph Drumheller

The Subconscious, the Divine, and Me provides an honest, accessible, and practical guide into deeply connecting with yourself and the Divine. It’s filled with lots of great exercises to jumpstart your spiritual journey, especially for beginners. Through six lessons, Joseph Drumheller leads us from the pain we feel to the ability to take action and create better lives.
1. Pain Leads to Suffering
2. Suffering Leads to Awareness
3. Awareness Leads to Healing
4. Healing Leads to Awakening
5. Awakening Leads to Development
6. Development Leads to Action

Joseph D. Drumheller has been practicing the art of healing since 1991. From 2003-11, he worked extensively with cancer patients at the PeaceHealth Cancer Center in Bellingham, WA. His mission lies in helping people overcome all forms of suffering and to learn how to connect to Divine presence. His own relationship to the Divine is expressed as a deep love for the outdoors, which he pursues as an avid whitewater paddler, boat-builder, visual artist, writer, musician, and geologist.

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