Lessons of the Inca Shamans

Deborah Bryon

The journey began by working with Amaru the powerful snake of the lower world. It continued with Chocachinchi the commanding jaguar of the middle world and Apucheen the great condor of the upper world The Q’ero shamans connect to these beings with chakra-like centers in the Belly, Heart, and Mind. The Inca shamans have the task of healing their communities and preserving the energy pathways of Pachamama (Mother Earth). They are reaching out to others, including Deborah Bryon, because their spirit journeys have told them that the next set of shamans will come from the modern civilizations of the Western world. Four years of training, from 2005 to 2009, are included in this book. The book contains Dr. Bryon’s personal journey. Her struggles to live in both the ordinary reality of a day job and the non-ordinary reality of a quest for shamanic understanding are described with clarity, insight, and appropriate amounts of humor. Along with her story, she analyzes her quest in the context of Jungian theory and, at the same time, explains how her journey includes aspects beyond the usual boundaries of Jungian thought.

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