Witnessing Bigfoot: Flesh and Blood, Native American Legend or the Devil Himself?


Glen Boulier

Glen Boulier’s many personal encounters with Bigfoot led him to investigate the phenomenon. He spent years researching the stories, the legends, the speculations. He questioned individuals about their own particular experiences and interviewed researchers, Native Americans, hunters and trackers, and forestry workers. He examined the written accounts and listened to opinions from many sides of the debate. He studied Bigfoot from as many angles as he could, trying to understand exactly what he and so many others have seen with their own eyes. Is it a spirit? Is it a flesh and blood animal? Is it the devil? This book is the record of Glen’s own quest. He presents his vast collection of information objectively, and then submits his own conclusion for consideration. Now it’s your turn to read the accounts and decide for yourself: What exactly is Bigfoot?

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