About Bigfoot

Many cultures talk about huge, hairy, human-like creatures that live in the wilderness and occasionally interact with people.  Mostly, the stories tell us, these creatures
keep to themselves. They interact or don’t interact as it suits them.

There are three explanations given for Bigfoot:

1. They are real, flesh-and-blood creatures who are exceptionally good at staying out of the way of humans. Those who believe this expect to, one day, have clear specimens to show to doubters.

2. They are myths, hoaxes, and misidentifications. Those who believe this suggest that having no concrete evidence after almost 200 years of reported sightings means that Bigfoot really doesn’t exits.

3. They are real, but something other than flesh and blood, spirits similar to angels, but with a lot more hair. We tend to favor number 3 because we don’t think every one of the thousands of people who have seen a Bigfoot are mistaken or lying and because the physical evidence has not been found. This report of a Bigfoot sighting is one of several that support the possibility that Bigfoot is a spirit being:

On the night of 6 February 1974, at Uniontown, a woman, identified as Mrs. A by the Bigfoot investigators, was sitting in her house watching television. About 10 p.m. she heard a noise coming from her porch. The house was set in an isolated and well-wooded area and she suspected that some wild dogs which she had seen in the neighborhood were nosing about in some tin cans. She picked up her 16-gauge shotgun intending to scare the animals away. She turned on the outside light and, stepping onto the porch, found a 7-foot hairy Bigfoot standing 6 feet from her. It raised both hands above its head and Mrs. A, assuming it was going to jump at her, reacted instantly by firing at its midriff. There was a brilliant flash like a photographer’s flashbulb and the creature had disappeared, leaving no trace whatsoever.

Bigfoot is interesting because we think it is another intelligent and self-directed manifestation of the life force with its own rules of existence. When we study the life force, we need to make our theories large enough for even Bigfoot to fit in.

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